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Residential Solar Power Systems

  • Save on electricity bills
  • Increase your property value
  • Reduce environment impact

By generating electricity from your solar power system, you can reduce the need to source electricity from the utility grid, which means no more expensive electricity bills from your energy retailer.

You can take advantage of the Government legislated Feed - in tariffs of 12 cents as at 1/07/2019 for eligible customers feeding electricity back into the grid. With the inevitable rise in the costs of traditional electricity, your savings will become larger over time, making solar power a smart long term investment with ever increasing returns.

You will also add value to your property. Solar power systems require little maintenance and will produce clean, dependable electricity for a guaranteed 25 years.

With solar credits now offered by most electricity retailers, you can off-set future demand. At peak times of the day, your solar power system may generate more electricity than you use, allowing you to earn energy credits with your electricity retailer.

Did you know that by installing a solar panel system you’re also protecting the environment? Solar power reduces your dependence on fossil fuels to fulfill your energy needs - helping to protect the environment and dramatically reduce your carbon footprint.

Get a Site Consult FREE

Our site assessments include a review of your past 12 months energy consumption, roof space maximising, switchboard condition, household appliances plus more. Let us know if you would like to arrange a site consult or how we can help you with your solar energy needs.
  • Review of past 12 months energy consumption
  • Review roof space for maximised solar energy maximum efficiency
  • Review Switchboard condition and capacity
  • Review all household appliances and provide advice about the when to use the appliances to take advantage of the solar electricity.
  • Explain how solar will work for you. Explain Warranties Explain rebates from the Government.
  • Discuss pricing package to suit your budget.

Our standard package of Jinko Panels and Sungrow Inverters is a quality system which we don’t wish to provide anything less than this system,so our Mantra is that we provide only quality that you can rely upon.

  • Greenlink Solar is based in Victoria at two locations, Yarrawonga in Northern Victoria and Taylors Lakes of Melbourne.
  • We will travel to most areas of Victoria as we have Installers based in Wangaratta and across Melbourne.

Before contacting us, please consider reading through our most commonly asked questions to see if your query has already been addressed.

Greenlink Solar offers affordable renewable energy solutions to residential home owners, business owners, new home builders and developers, and community groups and organizations.  
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