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Solar Energy FAQs

Are there any other charges that I need to take care of?

All smart meters are capable of reading solar electricity that has gone back into the grid, however, when your smart meter is originally installed it hasn’t been programmed to read power going back into the grid. You will be charged a fee by your Electricity Distributor to have your meter programmed. There may be additional costs charged by the network if it is deemed necessary.

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Are your installers Licensed and Insured?

Our Installers are Clean Energy Council accredited. As part of their License they must carry Public Liability Insurance to cover any matters that could arise. 

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Can I have batteries for my solar system

Yes, all solar systems can be converted to direct your unused power into battery Back-up systems.

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Do you have payment plans?

Yes we provide payment plans funded by our company and NOT a Lending Agency or Bank.

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Does your company handle the paperwork

Yes, all of your paperwork requirements are facilitated via Greenlink Solar and our Installers.

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How can I get the best benefit from a Solar System?

We look at your appliances that you have at your property. If you have a pool pump you are advised to have this running during the day rather than at night, if you have Electric Hot Water we fit a switch to charge your water heater during the day rather than at night. We educate you to use your appliances such as dishwasher and washing machine to be used during the day. If you have a wood heater and a Split system, we encourage you to use the split system during sunshine hours during the day and wood heating at night which is another way of using your solar to get the maximum benefit.

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How does solar work?

Solar panels perform from light and not heat. The brighter the sunlight the moreout put you will get from your solar panels. Solar systems do not operate at night.

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How long has Greenlink Solar been in Business?

Greenlink Solar is a member company of Rainbow Enterprises (Vic) P/L which has been in operation for over 15 years.

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How long will it take to have a system installed?

Usually from the date of order we will have it installed within two weeks. Each Installation (Weather Permitting) usually takes under a day to complete.

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How many Solar Panels can I need and how many can I have installed?

Most residential homes are connected to Single Phase power supply. If you live in Eastern Victoria you maybe limited to a 4.5KW system and all other areas it is usually limited to 5KW. In some areas where are required to submit a Pre Approval application to the Electricity Distributor before Installation.

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How much will I save from having solar?

Providing we can understand how much power you use and when you use the power we can design a system that will pay for itself in under 5 years. A more accurate calculation can be obtained once we understand your current bill and consumption profile.

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How will I know that my System has been installed correctly?

We arrange an Inspector who is Licensed by Energy Safe Victoria to Verify that your solar system installed meets all of the Saftey Requirements as per the Australian Standards.

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Is there a Government Rebate

Yes, there still is a Government Rebate/Incentive. We ask the customer to assign their rebate over to us and in return we deduct this to provide you with your price including installation and GST.

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Is there maintenance required?

A clean once a year with warm soapy water with a soft headed broom is recommended.

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What are the warranties? Do I call your company if there is a problem?.

We never step away from our customers. We handle every query. We do not push the customer away to the manufacturer. We only provide quality products. 25 years for the Solar panels and 5 years for the inverter.

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What areas do you install your solar systems?

We have crews based in Melbourne and Northern Victoria. We cover all areas of Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, Northern Country, and Latrobe Valley.

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Will you come out and give me a quote?

Greenlink Solar does not sell solar over the phone. It is vitally important that we provide a solar system that is right for you now and in the future. We assess every property. We look at your roof space, the best location for the panels, condition of the switchboard, your appliances and when you use them, we also design for your future requirements? We will explain how solar works for you and hand over an information pack.

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Get a Site Consult FREE

Our site assessments include a review of your past 12 months energy consumption, roof space maximising, switchboard condition, household appliances plus more. Let us know if you would like to arrange a site consult or how we can help you with your solar energy needs.
  • Review of past 12 months energy consumption
  • Review roof space for maximised solar energy maximum efficiency
  • Review Switchboard condition and capacity
  • Review all household appliances and provide advice about the when to use the appliances to take advantage of the solar electricity.
  • Explain how solar will work for you. Explain Warranties Explain rebates from the Government.
  • Discuss pricing package to suit your budget.

Our standard package of Jinko Panels and Sungrow Inverters is a quality system which we don’t wish to provide anything less than this system,so our Mantra is that we provide only quality that you can rely upon.

  • Greenlink Solar is based in Victoria at two locations, Yarrawonga in Northern Victoria and Taylors Lakes of Melbourne.
  • We will travel to most areas of Victoria as we have Installers based in Wangaratta and across Melbourne.

Before contacting us, please consider reading through our most commonly asked questions to see if your query has already been addressed.

Greenlink Solar offers affordable renewable energy solutions to residential home owners, business owners, new home builders and developers, and community groups and organizations.  
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